Friday, 3 January 2014

A "new" Lahat Dato cds??

Lahat Dato

Lahat Datu D2

This Lahat Dato cancellation measures 27mm across, the same as the D2 Lahat Datu cancellation and also has the year in two numerals. The D5 Lahad Dato measures 29mm across and has the year in four numerals.
This is actually a contrast enhanced image and the original looks too patchy to be a fake. Usually fake cancels are partial unless it is a Madame Joseph in an effort to make things less clear. Madame Joseph fakes are so confidently detailed as to be able fool many philatelists. If it turns out to be unique, the jury will of course be out to judge.
One thing has been pointed out. The "O" should have been a bit larger and taller. But dust or debris could not have accounted for the curved and circular nature of the impression. In contrast where it should have been curved as at the bottom of "U", it is also relatively flat. But it is still quite possible what we see here is the result of a damaged D2 canceller. Who was it that said the art and joy of philately would include the uncovering of errors, flaws and imperfections? Me included of course!


  1. I personally felt it is a "DATU" as the two ends of the "U" is somewhat there, the formation of the "O" in my opinion is just that some particles have clogged the "U".



    1. You maybe right but I thought the sides are too curved to be a "U". Thanks anyway.