Friday, 10 October 2014

Two recent Sabah covers

Here are a couple of covers which I had cancelled by helpful staff at 2 post offices in Sabah recently.
I make no apologies for showing them as someone has to record these modern postmarks. And also I am too busy to prepare anything too detailed. This weekend, we are off to Bournemouth for the annual AGM weekend of the Sarawak Society which would include a very good auction as well as displays from various members.

This is the cancellation for the mini post office at Bandar Kim Fung at mile 2.5 Labuk Rd Sandakan. It should read PPM (pejabat pos mini) Elopura. 

The international airport post office cancellation LTA Kota Kinabalu has remained the same since I last obtained a cancelled cover there 2 years ago. But the postal rate is now $2 for overseas ordinary mail as compared to $1.50 for registered post 2 years previously. You can see my related post by clicking here.

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