Saturday, 4 October 2014

Beaufort D3 year "9"

From not having any, I managed to get hold of two over a couple of weeks.

Service resumes albeit a bit late this week. I was in Sabah and then Hong Kong. We stayed in Mongkok and watched part of the general student sit down protest at first hand. The air was never cleaner as long stretches of Nathan Rd was closed. The crowds were out as usual.
Well back to these two beauties. The Beaufort D3 only has "9" for a large part of the year 1909. The reason is unknown but perhaps they have lost or ran out of some the numeral inserts. But anyway it was replaced by D4 in Dec 1909.   
It definitely looks unique and interesting. I would like a copy on the 1909 issue of pictorials. We have clear dates here of  20 MAR 9 and 14 JUN 9.

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