Thursday, 19 March 2015

Additional Postal Cancellations on North Borneo Stamps

I find arrival cancellations very interesting. Here are some from my collection. The GB, HK and Singapore ones are the most common.

I am really happy and proud with this one as I have resided in Robin Hood country for the past 20+ years. It shows an arrival cancel for a registered item to Nottingham. There is also a faint postmark from North Borneo.

This is from HK with a nice clear date of  OC 7 95. This is earlier and more uncommon than the Victoria Hong Kong cds with killer bars. These cancellations possibly indicated paquebot mail.

The USA is another area where additional postal markings are common on North Borneo adhesives. It is almost certainly an arrival postmark. There are not enough visual clues to be certain as the Philippines was an USA possession and also used similar killer cancellations. It was initially postmarked at Sandakan.

This is quite an early postmark from Singapore. Was it an arrival cancellation or was it paquebot use? That is the limitation of a solitary stamp without the cover. The later postmarks from Singapore are easier to find.

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