Thursday, 26 March 2015

The "Star in the Crown" variety

The North Borneo 1939 prewar set was overprinted in the final quarter of 1947 with obliterating bars and a crown to signify the change in status to a crown colony. Prior to that it had been run as an enterprise by the North Borneo Chartered Company from 1881.
There are a few flaws with this overprint including Broken Bar, Broken Crown etc. The following flaw is unrecorded and can look quite striking.

As can be seen clearly here, there is a Star in the Crown impression due to a defective overprinting device. It is certainly obvious when one looks for it in this red version of the overprint. At this moment, I do not know whether this is a constant finding or its position on a sheet of 100. 

In contrast, the overprint on the 4c adhesive is almost invariably perfect and can be used as a true reference.

These other 4 values are perhaps less convincing examples of this Star in the Crown flaw. In addition, I have also noticed Empty Crown and Split Crown flaws which I may show at a later date. I also have a few different values with the Broken Crown flaw which is known to be located for the 1c stamp at position R6/6 on a sheet. You can see it my previous posting by clicking here.

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