Thursday, 6 August 2015

North Borneo 1896 $2.44 parcel piece

It is rather unusual to find high values used on piece. High values, ie denomination 25c or greater, were issued for use on heavier items such as parcels or for fiscal purposes. Quite a few used examples were also cancelled by favour to meet the needs of collectors. The wrapping for parcels tend not to survive due to rough handling and also more significantly, they were not a collecting interest.

This collection of stamps on piece has a faint Sandakan cds of 27 DEC 1896. It consists of the 1894 50c and $1 values as well as an almost full set of the 1895 surcharged values apart from the 10c. The total amount of $2.44 would indicate a parcel weighing 122oz or 7 lbs 10oz at prevailing overseas postal rates of 2c per 2oz.

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