Thursday, 30 July 2015

More North Borneo 1954 1c with extra chimney error

These "extra chimney" varieties are still available on the cheap occasionally. I like errors and it makes this hobby more exciting even though this item is not particularly valuable. It just adds variety to an activity which can sometimes became mundane.

This has a Tawau cds but unfortunately we can not see the year. This error is known on the first printing of this stamp and is not reported on the earlier 1950 George VI version. It would be nice to know whether the error was reproduced in subsequent printing of this very common adhesive.
The subjects depicted in the 1950 and 1954 photogravure sets were almost certainly mainly or wholly based on a series of photos taken by Alan Robson who was presumably in the employ of the colonial administration. Some examples of his work can be seen in the North Borneo Colonial reports between 1947 and 1951. These included drying hemp at Mostyn, 2 scenes of logging operation at Sandakan, Mt Kinabalu-southern aspect and Murut woman playing native musical instrument. In addition, there were also some very nice photographs by J E Longfield who was the Resident of Jesselton. It is quite possible that the Sabah Archives in Kota Kinabalu will have more examples of their work.  

A FDC which I picked up very cheaply. The error is seen in the top right stamp in this block of 4. It was postmarked at Sandakan. My other similar FDC was used in Jesselton. You can see it here and mint and used adhesives here.

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