Thursday, 22 October 2015

North Borneo 1893 2c and 6c colour trial

The Philatelic Record of August 1893 page 184 stated that a series of values up to 24c was in the course of preparation but that the colours had not yet been settled. It went on to describe designs selected for the various values. All had the designation "THE STATE OF NORTH BORNEO". These stamps were recess printed by Waterloo & Sons at two operations in sheets of 10x10.
This was going to be the first pictorial issue in 1894 after the conventional classical designs by Blades East & Blades previously.

This is a perforated colour trial as opposed to a printer sample sheet adhesive which would have a small hole as well as the inscription for specimen on it as well as the name of the printer Waterloo & Sons.

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