Thursday, 29 October 2015

Some interesting postage dues

What follows are the variations available of two fairly common postage due stamps with the British Protectorate overprint. Somehow one has the feeling that they were contrived. BNBC was up to their tricks again. Nonetheless, nowadays these less common varieties are highly collectible.

The normal stamp has POSTAGE DUE overprinted in the middle as seen. However, this one here is perf 16 rather than 15 and therefore carries a significant premium.

These 2 has the overprint towards the top of the design. The upper item has  part of a Lahad  Datu cancellation and was bought cheaply at the recent SSS auction. The second one on piece has a faint Sandakan cancel. It is highly likely most of these seemingly used items were actually cancellled as favour to dealers and collectors.

Count myself very fortunate with this valuable postage due with a vertical type overprint which has an uncommon nearly full on Tawao cancellation with a full date of 2 OC 1903. There are 5 different stamps of this British Protectorate postage due issue with a vertical overprint and this is the most valuable.

The top item has the overprint in the normal position. The bottom one with the overprint at the top is not that easy to find and probably under priced. Again, it was bought very reasonably at our recent SSS auction. Serious collectors of  these territories are missing a lot by not becoming a member. There is a nice partial Beaufort cancellation here. 

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