Thursday, 5 November 2015

Labuan D11 cancellation

Showing a bit more Labuan. These are from part a sheet of D11 cancellations that I showed at our SSS meeting during Singapore 2015 World Stamp Exhibition. Usage of D11 (July 1930-November 1941) was when Labuan was part of the Straits Settlements.

Nice pair on piece as well as 2 different stamps which were alongside each other originally on a cover. D11 is very similar to D10 but has an actual time instead of the time code.

I am lacking one value here to make a very nice set. The 1935 Jubilee issue has a very attractive design. Some collectors accumulate the omnibus issues from the various commonwealth countries.

This is also part of an omnibus issue. I am lacking 2 values here but both this Coronation and the Jubillee Straits stamps with Labuan D11 are not easy to come by.

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