Thursday, 17 March 2016

Brunei paquebot cover

The Sarawak Specialists' Society Spring meeting at Tiverton in Devon took place last weekend. There were 20 of us, some with wives. I am very please with the following item which was obtained at our auction for a very reasonable price. The amount of exceptional material that was displayed at our meeting was astounding. I will show a few other items that I obtained from the auction in the future.

Although it is likely philatelic, it is nonetheless a quite difficult to find. The box handstamp PAQUEBOT POSTED AT SEA was recorded as in use between 16.10.75 to 13.11.76 which is about a year. Proud probably obtained the latest date from this cover. He is of course one of our members and had had help in those early days compiling the dates and information. 
So it was posted on board ship while it was sailing in Hong Kong territorial waters or more likely it was posted on board a HK registered ship nearing Brunei. The HK stamps are valid in either case. Then it was sent by air mail on arriving at the Brunei post office back to HK.

I thought I would share this one as well. There is nothing exceptional about this cover but to me it is attractively constructed and would definitely fit the thematic for GREEN, green envelope and green stamp to a Miss Green! It was an air mail carried by the Imperial Airways at the prevailing rate of 25c per half ounce in 1937. This is probably the most attractive of the Jesselton cds cancellations.  

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