Thursday, 31 March 2016

Incoming covers to Linkungan Estate near Beaufort North Borneo

Linkungan Estate, named after a local river, is on the main road about half way between Beaufort and Sipitang near to Weston. A few years ago, I probably passed it by on our way from Beaufort to Tenom via Sipitang in an effort to catch the train going back through the Padas Gorge.
It was likely a small estate as little is written about it. In 1887 the prospect of growing tobacco in this area was raised but nothing happened. In 1900, there was interest in growing rubber on a small scale. But it was not until March 1910 that a Dutch owned rubber estate was opened as part of the rubber boom pre WW1. The railway line from Weston passed by Linkungan facilitating the transport of produce from this area.
It is still in existence and probably much of the acreage has since been converted to grow oil palm. Any other information from readers would be much appreciated.

Ch. Boom was only mentioned in passing in the BNB Herald as was the rest of the expatriates working there. He was most likely to be of Dutch origin. This cover was sent in 1917 from Leiden in Holland. The censor label is the same as the one used in GB. It was quite probably that this cover went through one of the many censor offices in GB but it is difficult to confirm without a GB backstamp. The Straits labels are different. The other possibility was that these labels were sent to North Borneo and used there. This situation is so uncommon even learned members of our specialist society were not in agreement when I showed it at our Spring meeting. But we do know of almost exactly the same cover sent a year previously and this has a very rare and probably unique North Borneo hand stamp censor cachet.

Lady luck is certainly with me. I got these 2 covers at our auction without much competition. Okay, these two are postwar but they still make a very nice group. The images are self explanatory. Note the cover from Tong Hing, it probably contained a bill or a list of groceries. I like going in there whenever I stay on Gaya Street in Kota Kinabalu. It is an European type supermarket with a good cafe.

This is a share certificate for the company incorporated on 1 June 1910. Each certificate would represent one share in the company.

This is the accompanying endorsement certificate and handstamped by the Rotherdam Bank in Amsterdam. The bottom half is the pattern on the back which looks like a bank note.

Also part of the certificate is a series of dividend vouchers. 

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