Thursday, 14 April 2016

North Borneo 1888 25c colour trials

I am feeling unimaginative this week. So I will show you some pretty looking things from North Borneo philately. The early printers of North Borneo stamps, Blades, East and Blades, seemed to be very keen to submit different colour trials before a decision was made on each value. For the 1888 25c value, there are at least a dozen different colours on record. These ones here have no perforation across the centre which is my preference. The others were either perforated 12 or 14 across the centre.

It was suggested new dies were engraved for this 1888 high values issue because the original dies for the 1886 high values were destroyed in a fire. It is beneficial to know the subtle differences between them as the earlier issue is much more uncommon and valuable. 


  1. Do you have an idea how much they are worth?

    They are certainly pretty to look at.

  2. Well, I think between £10-20 each depending on condition for this particular value. They are certainly attractive.