Thursday, 28 April 2016

Picture Postcards

Some postcards to enjoy this week.

I doubt whether you can find a tree of this size that easily in the whole of Borneo nowadays. The width of its base was accommodating more than a dozen workers standing loosely side by side. This is no clue as to the publisher at the back. It was sent in 1920. Sekong Rubber Estate was situated by the Sekong River deep within Sandakan Bay on its south western shore.

These two were listed as N137a in the Lim and Tan book Pre War Images Of North Borneo. It is the same as N40 published by Philippe & Sons circa 1908. The coloured version probably came about in the late 1920s. Quite likely the scene was somewhere in Sulu but also possibly around Semporna in south eastern North Borneo. 

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