Thursday, 19 June 2014

Bandau cancellation and a Sembulan cover

They are probably not that common a cancellation from the early days of Sabah, Malaysia. Both these names are no longer present in current postmarks of Sabah

Quoting from the Sarawak Journal: "Bandau, a  town situated a few miles inland from the shores of Marudu Bay, on the north coast of Sabah. The name was changed to Kota Marudu in the early 1970's. A Post office, opening date unknown at present."
The initial cancellation was a 2nd Australian type cancellation. Latest date seen (LDS) was 3 Sept. 1963. The subsequent cancellation as shown above was with the change in name from North Borneo to Sabah. This was a Type A cancellation with a EDS of 23 DEC 1964 and a  LDS of 19 OCT 1971.

Though faint, we have here a full Sembulan KK star cancel with a date of 8 JU 73 on a stampless Government Service envelope from the assistant director of  the department of Trade and Industries to researchers in the forestry department in Sandakan.
Sembulam is situated about 5 km to the south west from the centre of KK. The post office opened on 9 April 1973. The above so called skeletal came in 3 variations and then followed by another 3 from after 1980 without the letters for "KK". Sembulan PO was re-named Rumah Persekutuan KK on 1 July 1989.

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