Thursday, 26 June 2014

Some Kudat cancellations

Kudat is rather unusual in having 2 different star type cancellations.

The more common type has the star unusually below the date part of the cancellation. This is listed in Proud's book as been used between 1955 and 1963. Somehow it was felt necessary to revert back to convention with the star above the date in the subsequent cds canceller as shown above. It is strange that it was not listed in Proud's book but it can be found in the Sarawak Journal with a LDS of 17 June 1964.

A cover with the Type1 star cancel from Kudat.

I show these two but they are not really good examples of the Kudat Linotype cancellations which were used almost immediately post war on the BMA issue. That is why a good clear cancellation carries a substantial premium. 

It is rather unusual that this Kudat Australian type cancel D22 is in violet. I wonder whether it was used as a fiscal chop but certainly not that common a finding. I do have a soft spot for those cancellations other than black.
Update This is another example.

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