Saturday, 7 June 2014

Some anomalies of the 1893 1c overprint

The local rate for post cards as well as those to Labuan and Brunei was fixed at 1c in the middle of 1891. But by 1892, the 1888 1c stamps were running out. So in 1892, the 4c stamps surcharged with "1 cent" and by 1893, the 5c stamps were similarly surcharged.

There were 4 settings recorded for this surcharge on the 5c adhesive in part 1 of The Stamps and Postal History of North Borneo. In the above setting as seen on this complete sheet of 5x10, there is a noticeable difference in the position of "1" in relationship to "cent".

In the adhesive on R1/7, the "1" in the surcharge is directly above "n" as shown above. It is the only one in this setting but it is not rare as it is more common in at least one of the other 3 settings.

This is stamp R1/1 in the above sheet with a "hallow stop" and also missing a chunk from the right side of "1".

This is just to show the constant short slash just next to the bottom Chinese character which is constant on this sheet of stamps.

Stamp R5/2 has a partial stop in the surcharge which looks as if it is raised.

Update: A used sheet of 50 with a different setting as seen by the position of "1" in relationship to "cent" below. It was cancelled by favour at the Sandakan post office with the concurrent 19 bar cancel.

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