Thursday, 7 August 2014

1931 Jubilee Issue colour samples 1

The 1931 Jubilee set is regarded by many to be the most visual appealing of North Borneo stamps.  They were printed by Waterloo & Sons Ltd. What we have here are the printer samples in pairs which were printed in different colours to the postal set. A normal corresponding stamp is included for comparison. Despite what was inscribed, these are not actually specimen stamps as those were the overprinted actual stamps sent to various postal agencies.
This set has punched holes of 2 mm in diameter but it also exist without holes which is probably more uncommon. All the values of the set was engraved by John Augustus Charles Harrison at Waterlow & Sons. He was also responsible for the superb George V sea horses set of stamps.  

I think the colour scheme used in the sample is more visually more stunning in this Murut design which is my favourite of the set. It has been described as a combination of black and bright scarlet but it looks more like burgundy to me.

This printer sample has a brown vignette and a bright violet frame and is also known to exist with a black vignette instead. Unfortunately, my set of 8 pairs is incomplete because of this.

The Dyak printer sample in brown and green but again it also exist in a combination of black and myrtle. Yet another one to find to complete the set. Strange choice of subject here as Dyaks are more common and indigenous to Sarawak. But they did serve well in the NB constabulary.  

This is probably the least attractive of the printer samples with a combination of black and bright rose. But otherwise it has a most impressive scene with Mt Kinabalu in the background ? view from Ambong Bay.

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