Thursday, 28 August 2014

Some postmarks of the 1931 Jubilee issue

The advantage of these stamps which are larger than normal is that it can accommodate and show some of the larger cancellations quite well.

This is one of the largest of Jesselton cancellations which was used for registered mail, R11 on the Proud classification. R11 existed in 2 forms. This is the significantly bigger version.

This one is in violet which is quite nice. R11 has recorded usage dates of just less than a year and seem to coincide with this jubilee issue of adhesives.

Both of these are also R11. The parcel post cancellation is a similar size and format but much more difficult to find from my own experience on this issue. I have it on other stamps.

A recently acquired item with part of  a dark blue R11 on the 12c Kinabalu stamp. I quite like this scene even though it is not strictly accurate.

The Sandakan parcel post looks about the same but it is not easy to obtain clear cancellations in good condition. Parcels tend to be more roughly handled.

Might have shown this one before with a Singapore arrival cancellation.

This should be the star of this lot. It is a Jesselton loose mail cancellation. It was used for an extended period but not often seen on this issue of stamps.
This is just a very small selection of possible cancellations. The others of note includes the Train Mail and town cancellations.

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