Thursday, 14 August 2014

1931 Jubilee Issue colour samples 2

It is more than possible to just specialise in collecting this set and the associated artist's sketches, die proofs, progressive proofs with or without corrections, plate proofs, colour samples, stamp-timbres cards etc. It would constitute a prize winning exhibit but would only be financially possible for a very few. You can see my $5 imperforate proof by clicking here.

The Sunda clouded leopard stamp is the favourite for many of this set. It was already elusive in those days and is probably threatened with extinction at present. It is the largest cat in Borneo and can weigh up to 25kg which is really not that big.
The printer sample is in a combination of black and brown which is not as good as the actual stamp in black and violet.

The $1 value in a combination of black and plum as compared to black and yellow green with the main subject of the classic BNBC shield with lion passant guardant, two arms, one native and the other European upholding the flag and a native prahu but no motto.

The combination of black and bronze green here is not as good as the black and chestnut in the stamp. Here we have the complete arms of the company which also includes two natives on either side, one with a native shield and the other an exaggerated native parang. Beneath is the company motto of pergo et perago for "I proceed I strive and I accomplish".

The $5 stamp is also the favourite of many. Both the colour schemes are equally appealing. The printer sample has black and blue as compared to black and purple for the stamp. All very stunning I think. The quality control in printing this set is so high that no recognised varieties or flaws has yet come to light.

Reference: The Stamps and Postal History of North Borneo part 3.
Lots and lots information on this set and others. If you need a copy, enquiries to the publications officer at the Sarawak Specialist Society.

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