Thursday, 23 July 2015

A Jesselton and a Tenom Retour cover

I collect Retour covers. I will have to make do with philatelic covers until I can find the corresponding commercial covers which are generally quite uncommon.

This is a Retour cover that was returned from Jesselton. It has the uncommon UNCLAIMED instructional marking which was recorded as used for a short time between February and March of 1938.

The other side shows the back stamp with the Jesselton D24 with a date of 9 MAR 1938.

This is definitely grotty. Was it contrived? I wonder. I do not think there would have been much Retour covers from Tenom. Tenom clearly did not have formal instructional hand stamps around this time in the 60s. There are instructions written in red biro. The back of the envelope have various postmarks from Singapore, Jesselton and Tenom. 
It was despatched from Singapore on 31MAR62 and arrived Jesselton 1 AP 62 and Tenom 4 AP 62. It was returned from Tenom on 10 MY 62 via Jesselton 13 MY 62 and received in Singapore 29MAY62. You can see my previous posts on Retour material by using the search facility at the left hand top corner.

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