Thursday, 9 July 2015

More Sarawak paquebot cancellations

These are a group of paquebot cancellations that I bought quite recently and reasonably from the society packet that goes around UK members of the Sarawak Specialists Society. 

This is Kuching SL4 with a range of dates of usage between March 1927 and January 1930.

We have here Kuching SL5 used between January 1933 and September 1935.

This Kuching SL7 is more uncommon as it was used for a few months between August 1936 and March 1937.

Some postwar paquebot cancellations can be quite uncommon. This Kuching SL10 was used for a few months in 1947 and also quite briefly in 1948.

These both have the Kuching SL11 which is relatively easy to find. It was used mainly between 1949 and 1954. It is normally depicted as open ended but very often one end is closed as in the used pair above. This is actually part 2 of the Sarawak paquebot cancellations shown on this blog. You can see the other post by clicking here.

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