Thursday, 12 May 2016

A few more North Borneo covers

This week I am showing a mixture of old and recent. In fact the two modern ones are probably much harder to obtain as they are seldom considered as collectible.

This philatelic cover has the full set of the 1894 pictorial issue. This were recess printed by Waterlow and Sons and came out in Feb 1894. It is a registered cover to Leipzig in Germany. It has the registered mark R2 (1895-1903). The postal cancellation is D2 (1886-1900) without the time code A and the year in 2 widely spaced digits. Time codes were omitted and the colour of the cancellation changed from indigo to black from June 1895.

This is another philatelic cover but has the uncommon Sandakan 19 bar K4 (1889-1894) cancellation. These pairs of of stamps were issued in Feb 1894. It also has the registered mark R2.

This 1994 cover from Kudat has the rather uncommon air mail cachet in red. It is the first time that I have noticed this. Normally, covers of this era would already have air mail printed on the front or carries an adhesive air mail label. Perhaps this is only used where these are absent and hence the uncommon finding. This is similar to the one in black used in Kota Kinabalu as shown by clicking here.  

Here we also have another recent cover from 1982 but this time it is a retour cover from Sandakan. Unfortunately, the box instruction is not very clear and it should read KEMBALIKAN KEPADA PENGIRIM or "Return To Sender". There is a handstamp with various options. The ticked option is ALAMAT TAK CUKUP or "Inadequate Address". Covers like these are quite uncommon and these markings have not been recorded properly. There is a similar cover to Kota Kinabalu in 1989 which you can see by clicking here. You can see all my retour covers in this blog by using the search function in the upper left end of this page. 

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