Thursday, 19 May 2016

A Sabah (North Borneo) Jesselton Airport P O cover and two recent train postcards

Collecting transport related items is one of my interest. There are a few of the Jesselton Airport P O cancelled stamps in my collection. But at last a cover comes along. But I have yet to find a suitable Train P O cover yet.

The Jesselton airport cancellation was the first of its type. It was used between March 1966 and April 1968. Subsequent cancellations at this post office have Kota Kinabalu instead of Jesselton with the change in name of the state capital of Sabah. You can see my other airport posts by clicking here. 

These two postcards are fairly recent and show the Vulcan Steam Train which was apparently built in 1954 by the Vulcan Foundry in England. It is one of very few trains that is powered by burning firewood. This is  used in the twice weekly tour service that travels between Tanjong Aru and Papar. This is obviously not the train that my friend and I took to go to Beaufort a few years as we made our way to Tenom.

Update 14/06/2016
This amazing recent postcard shows the very old diesel train that goes through the Padas Gorge to and from between Tenom and Helogilat with the stations of Pangi and Rayoh in between. A few years ago I was with a friend on this very train going from Tenom to Beaufort. It felt the same as the time I was on it in 1974!

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